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General Questions

Which time frame should I attach this EA to?

M15 chart

Can I change the chart/market while the EA is attached?

No. Changing the chart/market without reattaching the EA will result in you getting an incorrect signal. Close the chart first, then open the new one and reattach the EA to it to refresh the signal. Alternatively, create a template and just load it when you want to change the chart.

Does it place trades automatically?

The Beast EA calculates the risk and stop levels and gives you signals. Trades have to be placed manually by clicking on the BUY or SELL buttons. When you click on the BUY/SELL button, the robot will place the order for you (with the recommended risk and stop levels). Only when you trade news (By pressing the NEWS TRADING button) it places trades automatically.

How many charts can I attach this EA to at the same time?

As many as you want, I use 25 charts at the same time

Can I use it for Binary Options?

Rise/Up Option Yes, you can. If you see 3 green blocks in a column, this is the equivalent of a Rise/Up option. The duration is what you see in the uppermost block. In the example to the right, the duration in this case would be "D1". To place the trade, the robot should display more green blocks than red blocks overall. And vice versa with a Fall/Down option. Duration: In the example to the right, the robot indicates a signal for a fall/down option by displaying one full column in red. The lowermost block shows 15 minutes. This means that the duration for your option should be 6 hours (360 minutes). E.g. If the robot were to display a full column (red or green) for the column marked H1, the duration displayed by the robot would be 1 day (24 hours). - For the H4 column, it would display a duration of 5 trading days. - For the D1 column, it would display a duration of one month.

How many signals will I get per day?

This depends on how many charts you use. In order to get the maximum out of this EA, you should use it on more than one market. This is the only way you can get the full benefits of this EA. Using it on more markets, will give you exposure to more trading opportunities. There may be days where you get plenty of signals, but there could also be days where you don't see any at all. This happens when the robot does not "see" any trading opportunities. Here is example of a trading day statement.

What is the accuracy of the Beast EA?

The EA aims to deliver quality trading signals with an average winning rate of over 75%. You should always be aware of the risks involved. Trading may incur losses as well as gains.The EA has a built-in risk management algorithm that can help you manage your capital.

What is the minimum equity for the EA to work properly?

For the risk management calculation to be accurate, the equity should not be less than $300. If you do not wish to trade with such an amount, you may want to open a cent account. Click here to open a cent account. The robot can work with any amount, however, the higher the equity, the more accurate the calculation of the risk.

What is the recommended trading time?

From 14:00 to 17:00 GMT

Does it make difference which market I get the signals from?

The Beast EA tries to make the same profit/risk from any market by adjusting the proper order size to the SL calculated.


The blocks don't work or refresh when I attach the EA

Please use a daily chart for a few seconds to load the market history and then go back to the M15 chart. If it still doesn't work delete the chart history then restart the terminal and choose daily chart again for few seconds. If the problem persists close the chart and reopen it again then attach the EA or just use the template (Attached at the download page)

Partial Closure (PC) feature doesn't work

Go to tools --> Options --> Trade Then select (By default) from the dropdown menu of (Deviation).

"Invalid account" or "Stopped working" message

If you see "Invalid account" or "Stopped working" message: 1. Make sure you followed the instructions at the download page and be sure that you inserted the right MT5 login ID number. 2. Make sure that you made "Account Authentication" as described at the download page. 3. If you still see the same message close the charts showing stopped working message or restart the terminal.


What is "Protect Weekend Exposure"?

If you expect a gap between market close on a Friday and the market opening value after a weekend, you can enable this feature from the EA inputs. How does it work? The robot hedges automatically based on the current market volume.

What is "Partial Closure (PC)"?

The Beast EA closes part of the volume (Could be changed at the EA inputs) when the market reaches a distance specified at the EA inputs.

What is TP:SL ratio

1.2:1 But when "Partial Cloaure (PC)" is enabled the EA closes part of the volume before reaching the TP

How to get signals only without handling my opened orders?

To get signals only disable autotrading button from your terminal.

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