Simple steps to get The Beast EA alerts at your Email

Use Gmail as your email provider (Create new Gmail account but DO NOT setup 2 step verification)

  • ALLOW Less Secure Apps: (Sign into your new Gmail account - Click on this URL - Scroll down and turn on less secure apps. Disable 2 step verification, as well)

  • Enter Credentials in your MT4/5 Account

  1. Click CTRL+O on your Mt45 Terminal.

  2. Choose Email

  3. Enable

  4. SMTP server: Input ""

  5. SMTP login: Input the new gmail you have just created

  6. SMTP password: Is the password for that new gmail

  7. From: The same new gmail account

  8. To: Any Email where you will get the notifications

Click ‘Test’ to check your configuration.

  • Check your email. You should have a test email.

  • Your Email Alerts are now setup so you can begin receiving alerts from The Beast EA or any other alert you want.

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