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The Beast EA can predict price movements before they

even happen! By means of advanced technology and

a complex algorithm, this EA is able to predict where

the price is headed. 

The Beast EA is a comprehensive and reliable trading

system for both beginners and expert currency traders.

The Beast EA is the only trading signals system with a

built-in "Trade Against The Crowd" Strategy.

The Beast EA is able to give stable positive results in any

market condition, whether it's a bull or bear market or a sideways moving market. 

The Beast EA is a fully automated robot. No human intervention is needed. 

The Beast EA works on any chart. Just place it on a chart, adjust the settings for your particular account, and it will display the signals for you. It takes only one minute to install and works for you 24 hours a day. Just set it and forget it, no intervention required.


The Beast EA is different from other forex robots. It has a very advanced and intelligent strategy built inside that improves your chances of winning a trade, whilst also combining control features and parameters like stop levels, partial closure and a news trading button.

It's a complete solutions for traders.


 Why does this robot work?

About 90-95% of the traders lose money on Forex, especially

beginners.This is a well-known and publicized statistic.

And it's true! The reasons are manifold: greed, lack of Forex

education, no consistent Forex system or strategy...

Majority of traders often buy and sell at the wrong times.

The Beast EA trades against the forex trading crowd.

How Can The Beast EA trade against the crowd?

The key characteristic of crowd behavior is: most will

buy when a currency is falling and sell when it is rallying.

The crowd is more often profitable as most trades are closed

out at a gain. Yet when these trades don’t work, most traders expose themselves to outsized losses.

What does this mean?

The Beast EA most often goes against what most traders are doing. 

If everyone is buying, The Beast EA will most likely give you a sell signal. If most traders are going short, The Beast EA will most likely give you a buy signal.

To make money, do the opposite of the majority.


Attach the Beast EA to M15 chart:


Get started 


Check the Signals arrows between 13:00 to 16:00 GMT

1. Green arrow/s.
2. The more green blocks, the stronger the signal.
3. Press BUY button


Check the Signals arrows between 13:00 to 16:00 GMT

1. Red arrow/s.
2. The more red blocks, the stronger the signal.
3. Press SELL button

The blocks

  • You will also get alerts every time there is a new signal.

  • And will receive Emails and mobile notifications (Find how to set up your terminal at the links below).


You can change the Beast EA inputs when you attach the EA to a chart or after.

 "Close orders is: true!" message is shown when you close the market orders using "Close All This Market Orders" parameter.

And as a result, trading will be disabled till turning it back to false.

On The Chart

At the bottom left corner:

 The current, minimum,  average  and maximum spread. 

At the top left corner:

  • Maximum recommended spread: if the average spread is less than this value it means the market is worth trading.

  • Recommended order size: The default is 2%, you can change it from the EA's inputs.

  • Volume now: Difference in the orders' size 

  • The recommended Stop Loss (SL): this changes regularly according to the market volatility & other factors. (The EA will close your trades partially at 25% TP).

At the bottom right corner:

The color of the BUY button frame means:

 Green = buy volume is bigger than sell volume at this market

 Red = sell volume is bigger than buy volume at this market


The color of the SELL button frame means:

White = your total profit at this market is 0

Pink = your profit/loss at this market is less than 50% of the stop level

Blue = your total profit at this market is more than 50% of the current TP

Purple = your total loss at this market is more than 50% of the current SL

Your risk is high!  message  is shown when the volume difference at this market is much bigger than the recommended lot size.


News Trading


Press the "News Trading" button before news time, it will then turn yellow for 120 minutes.


Once an opportunity is detected, the Beast EA dynamically adjusts its trading parameters to maximize the profit potential and place an order automatically.

3 Gold or aqua dot on the chart means the order is close.


Yellow "arrow up" on the chart for a BUY order (Will be placed automatically if "Volume Now" is less than or equal to 0)


Orange "arrow down" on the chart for a SELL order (Will be placed automatically if "Volume Now" is higher than or equal to 0)


The EA will also send Email and push notifications once the order is placed.

Get the upcoming news time from the Calendar page

The economic calendar

Get a list of the tradable news here

Watch how the Beast EA trades news


ImportantChanging the chart/market without reattaching the EA will result in you getting an incorrect signal.

  • To change the chart/market while the EA is attached:

  1. ​Close the chart first.

  2. Then open the new one.

  3. Reattach the EA to it to refresh the signal.


More about the Beast EA

Trading Psychology

The big number of signals

The big number of signals gives you more confidence not to risk too much.

Full support & online training.

You are not alone. You can always contact me if you have any questions.

Still your decision

The Beast EA is automated but leaves the decision to you to get benefits from both sides.

Helps you take control of your emotions

  • By enabling only one buy or one sell order based on the recommended risk.
  • You don't have to watch the market all day the Beast EA will keep analysing it, modify the stop levels, protect your orders from spread widening and close your orders partially when needed.
  • "Partial Closure" is enabled by default so that you have a small steady profit for each transaction, and possibly a good profit when the price explodes towards the right direction (The Beast EA will let the profit run).

Profit from fear and greed

Traders crowd loses their trades from fear and greed and other factors The Beast EA trades against this crowd and against your fear and greed

Advanced Options

Double click for 2X order size

You should click once at BUY/SELL button but if you see a strong signal you can double click the BUY/SELL buton to make 2 orders instead of the default one order.

Make orders with higher timeframes

To achieve even better results you should change the time frame (TF) of the chart before clicking the BUY/SELL button: The recommended TF is what you see in the lowermost block that has the same color as the signal arrow and the closest to the right. In the example If you get a sell signal, you should change the TF to H4 before clicking the Sell button.

24 hours a day

The standard way to use the signals between 14:00 to 17:00 GMT but you still can use the signals of currencies when their corresponding stock markets are opened but be sure there is enough volatility.

Advanced way to get signals (No arrows or alerts)

If you see 3 green blocks in a column, this is the equivalent of a Buy signal. To place the trade, the robot should display more green blocks than red blocks overall. The timeframe should be changed to the number shown at the lowermost block of the column. And vice versa with a Sell order.


I recommend using virtual private server (VPS) to run The Beast EA continuously You can get one for free at


I recommend creating a template after attaching the EA to a chart to change markets easily.

More charts

I use The Beast EA at 25 charts simultaneously and keep it running at my VPS to generate more signals and to keep the balance between markets. The markets are: AUDJPY, GBPJPY, EURJPY, NZDJPY, USDJPY, AUDUSD, GBPUSD, EURUSD, NZDUSD, USDCHF, GBPAUD, EURAUD, GBPNZD, EURNZD, GBPCHF, USDCAD, GBPCAD, EURCAD, EURGBP, EURCHF, AUDNZD, AUDCAD, AUDCHF, CADJPY AND Gold/USD.

Watch and control the EA from your mobile

If you run the EA in VPS you can watch and control it using Microsoft Remote Desktop app You can download this app for Android devices here for iPhone/iPad here

Time Frames

Higher time frames

Signals and alerts will not be shown if time frame of the chart is above 30 min.

Lower time frames

You can get signals from lower time frames (Less than H1) but consider changing the chart to higher TF before clicking the Buy/Sell button.

News Trading

News trading with higher TF

News trading system uses current chart time frame. You can use H1, H4 or Daily chart during news trading if you see 2 or 3 green/red blocks at their corresponding block columns.

Trading news all day

You can keep news trading button on for the whole day but with higher chart time frame (From H1).

The Beast EA will then scan the market all day to detect news trading oppurtunity automatically and place a trade for you.

To do that from The Beast EA inputs change the number of "News Trading Dueration" to 1440 for the whole day or less time as how it is convenient for you.

The Beast EA is the ultimate solution for traders who are tired of losing their trades

the beast EA working

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