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Dr. Ehab Gubil

Medical Doctor, Robotics Programmer & Trading Mentor




Dr. Gubil began his trading career as a retail trader. He had no experience related to trading the financial markets prior to 2010. Most of his skills came as a result of self teaching and experience in the markets, along with some very important lessons learned from seasoned traders he met along the way.

"The first year of trading was quite rough for me, full of ups and downs. I went through a long period of trial and error before I discovered a strategy that worked for me. I spent days learning about the common mistakes that traders typically make, in an effort to achieve better trading results." 

His primary aim is now to share the knowledge that he acquired throughout the years with inexperienced traders who are just starting their trading careers. 


"My goal is to help beginners learn how to create good and consistent trading strategies. Through my webinars, I demonstrate how to identify trading opportunities, how to take advantage of headline news driven events and how to trade price action."

Dr. Ehab Gubil is a self-taught market expert with extensive knowledge in financial trading. Born in Egypt, he completed his studies in medicine and also managed to set up his own medical practice. 

In 2010 he had a new-found interest in financial trading and investment, and decided to pursue this interest by taking up further studies in finance and economics. He gradually went on to set up his own trading website so as to share his knowledge and experience with other traders worldwide. 

Ehab stays in touch with many of his students through his website, where he provides online webinars, updates on the developments in the world of finance and also publishes trading signals periodically. He prides himself in having a huge amount of patience and derives great satisfaction from the results achieved by his students/subscribers whether at an introductory or advanced level.

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